Alltec Laser Business Unit:
The Laser Marking Experts

Service Portfolio

We are a leading international technology center for the development and manufacture of innovative laser marking systems within the Danaher Product Identification Platform (PID).
Our principle objective is to design, develop and manufacture high-performance laser marking and engraving systems for many industries providing best-in-class codes on countless materials while controlling costs. Our laser marking systems are characterized by:

  • extraordinary quality and integration flexibility
  • reasonable prices, cost effectiveness and low maintenance
  • the latest technology.

The laser markers, laser engravers and laser workstations designed within the LBU are sold through the trusted brand names of our powerful global sales partners. As Danaher PID’s laser marking technology and expertise hub we focus on the support of our sales and service partners providing them with first class industrial laser marking solutions, expert support services and an unmatched laser marking application and design expertise. (see alongside portfolio graphic).

Be it a CO2 or a Nd:YAG or a fiber laser marking system, be it a mask marker or a vector scanner, our worldwide team of laser specialists and experienced laser marking experts guarantees that we design the laser marking and coding solutions of tomorrow. Today, thousands of installed systems provide daily confirmation of this status.

Alltec LBU and Danaher

Since 2004, the Alltec LBU has been part of the Danaher Corporation in Washington, DC, USA. Represented worldwide and employing about 50,000 associates, Danaher yields sales amounting to more than US$11 Billion with products from six strategic platforms (Environmental, Test & Measurement, Medical Technologies, Motion, Product Identification, and Mechanic’s Hand Tools).

Danaher’s role in product identification extends from manufacturing and packaging to delivery into the hands of the consumer. At every step, safety, accuracy and efficiency go hand in hand. From medicines and cosmetics to foods and beverages to automotive and electronics, Danaher systems help manufacturers, distributors and retailers maintain an unbroken chain of inventory and quality control. Danaher companies also span the gamut of marking and tracking technologies, from inkjet printing and laser marking and engraving to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).