Our Experts in Laser Marking Never Shirk a Challenge

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Laser markers, laser coders and laser engraving systems designed by the Alltec Laser Business Unit (LBU) and sold under the renowned brands of our partners mark virtually any product and material. They are among the fastest in their class and always perform cost effectively, reliably and at the highest quality level. They range from individual digital systems through to fully integrated and networked solutions comprising an overall package.

This high product standard is based on and backed by the expertise and initiative of our skillful and long-term experienced associates who are focused on the research, development and product management of innovative laser and laser marking solutions. Our expertise also strengthens and supports our sales partners in marketing our products for laser marking, coding and engraving. Whenever they call for help - be it in terms of service, sales/marketing, training or application - the laser marking experts in the LBU are at the ready.

ALLTEC Laser Business Unit: The laser marking experts.