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Coding and Engraving Applications

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The Danaher Business System

The ALLTEC Laser Business Unit (LBU) numbers among the leading design and technology centers for product marking and engraving using lasers. Since our formation in 1985, we have earned a reputation for our thoughtfully designed and well engineered laser marking systems. We consistently invest in research and development.

Our products and solutions enable our sales partners’ clients to carry out their marking processes more flexible, more economical, faster and progressively more convenient. We develop the widest selection of laser marking systems on the market combined with customer- and future-oriented solutions for substantial added-value that opens up ever more new opportunities. There is virtually no material which cannot be marked using our systems and the spectrum of applications and reasons for marking are virtually unlimited.

In Terms of Lasers and Laser Marking Technology Our Core Values are:

  • We are dedicated laser marking specialists and ready to help laser marking experts
  • We develop high-performance high-tech products for laser marking, laser coding and laser engraving
  • Our developments are customer-oriented and trend-setting
  • Our success is based on our long-term skilled laser marking experts
  • We closely collaborate with our global sales and business partners Videojet, Linx and Alltec.

The Danaher Business System

In particular, in the fields of gas and solid-state lasers markers (Nd:YAG and fiber), the LBU is distinguished by its unique expertise and exemplary product variety. In order to strengthen this position and to further develop ever new high-performance solutions, we are committed to a policy of constant development and continuous improvement. All of what we do is guided by our group’s system for achieving performance: the Danaher Business System (DBS, see graphic aside).

Our Group’s Core Values Are:

  • The Best Team Wins - Associates are our most valued assets. We're passionate about retaining, developing and recruiting the best talent available.
  • Customers Talk, We Listen - Quality First, ALWAYS! We base our strategic plan on the Voice-of-the-Customer. Robust, repeatable processes yield superior Quality, Delivery, and Cost that satisfy our customers beyond their expectations.
  • Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) is Our Way of Life - The Danaher Business System is our culture. We aggressively and continuously eliminate waste in every facet of our business processes.
  • Leading Edge Innovation Defines Our Future - We continuously apply our creativity to the technologies of products, services, and processes. Out-of-the Box ideas, both large and small, add value to our enterprise. We accomplish "breakthroughs" through the Policy Deployment process.
  • We Compete For Shareholders - Profits are important because they attract and retain loyal shareholders.