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The well engineered marking lasers designed and developed within the Alltec Laser Business Unit (LBU) make their marks on any number of materials, parts and products in many different industries: From the packaging and automotive industries to electronics and electrical engineering through to the metals and plastics processing branches of the tool making and engineering industry. Alltec marking lasers put all conceivable kinds of data and information onto products and materials, including working materials. In the shortest of time spans, in the best quality and with high profitability.

Almost 25 years ago, Alltec introduced its first solution for laser marking: A pioneering laser mask marker that has become the initial success product and is still widely used in the worldwide beverage industry. Today, the LBU looks back to a successfully developed and marketed portfolio that spans the most compact fiber laser markers for high resolution and micro marking applications, sophisticated Nd:YAG systems for high speed applications and CO2 laser coders for less demanding applications. Through ongoing research and product innovation we have created laser marking systems that continually set the industry standard.