Our Application Experts:
Best Support for any Laser Marking Application

The right laser for product marking requires careful analysis and selection. After all, not every type of laser marks every type of material. Targeted marking and material tests are necessary in order to identify the most efficient system. This is no problem for the application engineers in the Alltec Laser Business Unit. Together with our sales partners and their clients they establish a customized solution tailored to the respective application and requirements.

Individual consulting is therefore given the highest priority. Long before our sales partners sell a marking laser to their clients the LBU’s application experts provide support both in technological development and optimization and in product selection and specification. In this way, in a joint effort, we find the most economical and appropriate marking concept for the respective application.

Sample Marking on Your Parts

You have a specific application? You are looking for the most appropriate marking laser? Then we can help you with a sample marking of your original parts and will bring you into contact with one of our responsible sales partners. We only ask you to help us to give you the best advice:

Please complete our sample marking form aside and send us a few samples and a drawing of the required marking (e.g. as dxf-file or a hard copy) to:

ALLTEC GmbH | Laser Business Unit
LBU Application Development/ Lab
An der Trave 27-31 | 23923 Selmsdorf | Germany
Phone +49.(0)38823.55-366 | Fax +49.(0)38823.55-222
Email info@alltec-laser.com

Upon receipt we bring you into contact with one of our responsible sales partners. In the meantime we mark your parts with the required text, code, etc. to provide you with your very own individual sample.