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Whether training course for service technician, laser safety officer or customer: Learn more about what contents are taught and how long each course takes.

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We instruct our sales partner's clients in the A to Z of laser marking in the course of rigorous practice-related seminars for each individual piece of equipment. In the International Training Centers of the ALLTEC Laser Business Unit and its partners. And not least: at the premises of you.

In training sessions which are specifically tailored to the requirements of our clients we instruct in
the most varied topics connected with laser marking systems in general as well as in the operation and maintenance of the respective hardware and software in particular. Not to mention the subjects of service, laser security and laser protection. And each course of instruction is aligned to the requirements of the respective production environment. Course participants experience and practice everything which they must know for smooth running and error-free operation. This also includes acquiring the capability to describe situations to our hotline staff if a problem arises; in such a manner that our service technicians can quickly and accurately identify the cause. And last but not least, our training courses also provide an insight into the overall capabilities of the respective laser marking system.

All in-house training courses take place at our company headquarters in Selmsdorf near Lübeck in our spacious and modern training classrooms equipped with the latest technical facilities. For on-site training courses at the premises of our clients we can also supply the appropriate marking system so that interruption of production is not necessary. Whichever alternative you go for, realistic use of your equipment is simulated in practice as precisely as possible. Our training courses therefore make an essential contribution to process optimization and lay the foundation stone for an even more efficient processing of our clients’ marking tasks.

All training courses which are carried out at our Training Center at company headquarters in Germany can be conducted either in German or English. The duration of such courses is between 1 and 5 days, depending on client requirements and complexity. In order to adapt as closely as possible to the needs of course participants, our training courses take place in smaller groups comprising a maximum of 4 persons.

However, our training center offers a great deal more than this. To be precise, a complete all-round service from a single provider which often goes far beyond the organization of the training course and the training stay.

At a glance

We offer:

  • individually tailored, practice-oriented training courses of between 1 & 5 days;
  • phased in accordance with the theme areas Hardware/ Software/ Maintenance/ Service;
  • or as a complete package;
  • at our modern and spacious training center;
  • or on site at the premises of our clients;
  • in German or in English;
  • in groups of up to 4 persons.

We instruct on:

  • basic technical knowledge on all matters associated with laser marking;
  • and the respective laser marker;
  • specialist knowledge: how to handle the client’s specific laser so that optimum marking results are obtained (e.g. optimizing parameters for the material to be marked; setting up marking jobs);
  • background knowledge necessary for communicating sufficient details to our hotline in the case of a service query;
  • knowledge necessary for remedying smaller faults;
  • facts concerning laser security.